Full trainings at ESTBB

You can integrate one of our training as an non-exchange foreign student

ESTBB offers eight professional education programmes in the field of biology and biotechnology, from undergraduate to post-doctorate level.

Bachelor Assistant Engineer Biology-Biochemistry-Biotechnologies | Undergraduate

In three years following the baccalaureate, ESTBB educates laboratory technicians being qualified all-rounders competent in the fields of biology, biochemistry, and biotechnology.

Bachelor Life Sciences - minor Humanities | Undergraduate

A 3-year training in Biology integrating the challenges of life in our society.

Biotechnologies Manager | graduate

Access positions of responsibility, thanks to your expertise in biology and biotechnology supplemented by a solid foundation in engineering sciences.

Biobank Management | graduate
In two years after the Bachelor level, ESTBB educates executives prepared to hold responsibility positions in biobanking.
Infectiology & Biotechnology executives | graduate

In two years after the Bachelor level, ESTBB educates executives prepared for biotechnology professions after specializing in infectiology.

Ethical management of biotechnological innovations | graduate

For student who wants to acquire dual skills while developing the ethical reflection.

Management of health and biotechnology industries | Post-graduate and Post-doctorate

ESTBB proposes professional development pathways designed for students having finished graduate or doctorate academic studies and wishing to apply to high executive positions in biocompanies.

E-learning | Degree in International solidarity: Actions in Humanitarian Health

A distance training to prepare yourself to integrate a health development program.

Higher education in Europe is divided into three levels (or degrees), each of which is attained by acquiring European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) credits. Individual years of study are no longer accredited.

  • Bachelor (three years of higher education): awarded with 180 credits
  • Master (five years of higher education): awarded with 120 credits after a Bachelor
  • Doctorate (eight years of higher education): awarded after research work lasting at least three years and defence of a thesis

All ESTBB programmes are aligned with the European system