A biotechnology school

ESTBB is the graduate School of biology - biochemistry - biotechnology, located in Lyon (France).

The School was created in 1952 at the initiative of the Lyon industrialists in response to their needs to recruit qualified and operational laboratory technicians. ESTBB has maintained this professionalising and applied vocation for all new education programmes which have been opened since.

The School offers five professional education programmes in the field of biology and biotechnology, from undergraduate to post-doctorate level.

Cherishing the spirit of international solidarity, the School has also developed two educational programmes for the reinforcement of biomedical competences abroad, in Mali and Haïti.

Teaching for success

  • the curriculum according to European norms
  • small numbers of students per class (about 60 for undergraduate course and about 15 for graduate courses and above)
  • a personalised assistance to each student
  • humane courses in the curriculum

Applied education corresponding to the needs of employers

  • many applied courses (laboratory practicals, real case studies and other) to be operational at graduation
  • constant evolution of the curricula to keep up with the evolution of techniques and industrial needs

Science courses in English and with an international spirit

  • scientific modules taught in English in the curriculum, in order to make the students acquire scientific and technical vocabulary specific for their future profession
  • encouragement to go abroad for placements scheduled in the curriculum or for one semester of studies
  • sensitising the students to the scientific and medical problems of the developing countries through actions of "Scientifiques Solidaires" (Scientists and Solidarity; a group of ESTBB students involved in projects aiming to help the developing countries or develop the awareness of their problems in the westernised countries)

A network of partner laboratories (industrial and academic) developed in France and abroad

In France:

  • multinational companies: Sanofi Pasteur, bioMérieux, Merial, Genzyme, Bayer, Charles River, and others
  • biotech start-ups
  • public research laboratories: the French National Institute for Health and Medical Research (INSERM), the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), International Agency for Research on Cancer (WHO, IARC), hospital laboratories...


  • public research laboratories in Great Britain, Sweden, Germany, United States, Canada, Australia...
  • companies in Europe and North America
  • universities in Europe and North America

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