Hire an intern

The studies at ESTBB are professionalising and include many months of placements as a preparation for future jobs.

We encourage the students to go abroad and provide administrative support to those who are interested.
The person in charge of international relations helps the interested students to find a host laboratory, establishes the placement agreement and helps each student with the formalities to obtain a visa and a fellowship.

Each year, about 40 to 50% of our students choose to go abroad, to destinations all over the world:

You as well can host a student for a placement of three to six months, from undergraduate to post-doctorate level.

What we expect from you as a supervisor:

  • host the student, give them the working space and the equipment necessary to carry out their project
  • supervise them during the placement: regularly review with them the advancement of their work, help them to analyse the results, guide them in deciding on further steps
  • help them in writing the placement report: help to establish a coherent outline if necessary, at least comment on the draft version of the report suggesting improvements
  • evaluate their technical competence and professional attitude using the assessment grid provided by the School