Financing your stay in France

What budget?

French law requires foreign students to have sufficient means of subsistence in France to follow their studies without working:

  • € 620 per month over 10 months in license or Master 1
  • € 770 per month over 10 months in Master 2 and more

In practice, it takes an average of 700 euros per month to live in Lyon (accommodation, transport, health expenses, food, …), in addition to expenses related to travel and installation.

To make sure you live properly in France and to be able to study in
better conditions, remember to establish a provisional expenditure budget!

Working in France

You can also find a job to finance your stay.
The CROUS provides student job offers on its website.

Also find job offers and advice on the website "L'Etudiant" and on the website of the Regional Youth Information Center (CRIJ).

Scholarships: how to receive aid?

To help you to finance your studies, you can apply for grants in your country or in France.

The scholarships of French embassies abroad

Each year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development (MAEDI) allocates scholarships to certain foreign students who wish to study in France.
To find out the eligibility criteria and submit a file, it is necessary to contact the Cooperation and Cultural Action Service of the French embassy or consulate general in your country. Depending on your project, embassies can offer different types of grants:

  • the scholarship, as part of a registration at a French higher education establishment with the aim of obtaining a diploma,
  • the internship grant, awarded for an average duration of three to twelve months,
  • the high-level scientific residence grant (research program, cultural, scientific exchange, etc.) granted for a period of one to three months.

The scholarships offered by your country

Many countries allocate scholarships to students wishing to study abroad. Check with the various organizations.

The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship

Managed by Campus France, the Eiffel excellence program allows the best foreign students to finance a Masters level training or ten-month mobility within the framework of a joint supervision or a thesis co-supervision. It is up to the higher education establishment in France and not the student to constitute and submit the application file. Once the scholarship recipients have been selected in committee, the list of winners is published on the Campus France website.


The Excellence-Major program, established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the AEFE (French Agency for French Education Abroad), is aimed at the best students (non French) of French high schools abroad wishing to pursue their studies in France. Applications are sent by the French establishment abroad and then examined in committee. Selected applicants receive a scholarship for up to five years. The amount varies depending on the student's situation:

  • back-to-school grant of € 500 (annual fixed fee),
  • rate 1 grant of € 222 per month,
  • Rate 2 grant of € 685 per month.

Scholarships based on social criteria

The French Ministry of Higher Education and Research grants scholarships to foreign students under the age of 28:

  • nationals of a European Economic Area (EEA) country, under certain conditions,
  • having the status of refugee or stateless person, recognized by the French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons (OFPRA),
  • resident in France for at least two years and whose fiscal home of attachment is located in France for at least two years.

Download the guide for foreign students

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